We are creators with an investment banking capability.  As venture developers we have an exceptional ability to engage people from all walks of life.  We listen to people from the board room to the software development shop to the manufacturing floor. This provides a unique perspective on risk and opportunity along with unparalleled operational understanding. The ground truth is always just hiding in plain sight. You have to be willing to both listen and respond with an action bias.  Under the leadership of former special operators with decades of ground experience building things and leading people, we understand exactly what it takes to design, build, and execute complicated operations in silence.  It always starts with seeking to understand the strategic imperative followed next by weighing risks. Nothing great is possible without exceptional teamwork. Teamwork starts with leaders who truly care about the people involved.  That is how we design and build powerful strategies, systems, and networks. With a people centered view.

We are committed to the critical function of focusing on the vision of an end state as an operating imperative. Starting initiatives that begin with a crystal clear vision of the end in mind enables us to to tailor an integrated and cross-functional execution plan that capitalizes on human capacity, available resources, and owner objectives. As designers, builders, and operators of our own corporate portfolio we know what it takes to design, build, scale, and sell yours.





Within investment banking services, Industrica specializes in assisting our clients to buy or sell middle market defense, advanced manufacturing, and technology companies.




Most boutique investment banking firms focus exclusively on serving larger middle market companies. They avoid working with smaller firms and entrepreneurs because of the economics of the transaction size.  At Industrica, we believe that Industry and Entrepreneurs built America and are the keys to a future worth having.  So we look for ways to support people no matter what the size of the transaction. We believe that building for the future of America, the Nation our children will inherit, comes first.   




When an investment banking transaction involving securities best suits the seller, we are equipped to provide that support through our affiliation with SF Sentry Securities, Inc., a FINRA registered Broker Dealer, Member SIPC.  This means we have the ability to design and structure M&A transactions in the format best suited for the buyers and sellers to maximize benefit rather than guide the format of transaction toward an asset sale or asset purchase given the unregulated nature of simple asset transactions.




When conducting venture development operations, Industrica designs and builds business systems in order to commercialize technologies, ideas, and intellectual property.


The current start-up ecosystem is dominated by traditional venture capital operating models that focus on the structural requirements of managing resource deployment. Venture capital markets have increasingly been impacted by rising valuations and broader participation of seed-stage investors, resulting in a rapidly changing early-stage finance landscape. Funding an idea has truly, never been easier.


At Industrica, we instead focus on providing new ventures with the tactics and tools required to develop early-stage ideas. At its core, early stage venture development is equal parts art, science, and experience. There is an extreme shortage of people with venture development experience who take a risk-managed, profit-focused approach to building new ventures in the early-stage space. Industrica fills that gap for a thin layer of early stage clients who have both capital to commit and the sophistication to understand that an equity commitment will also be required. 



As venture developers, we take a much more operational approach. We conduct detailed research and financial modeling to characterize opportunities well ahead of any large-scale deployment of capital. Building great companies—and new ventures within established companies—requires a talented team with cross-functional start-up experience that can take a risk-adjusted approach to new venture creation. 


Our team understands how to develop technology in a risk-adjusted and cost-controlled way because the operational playbooks we use have stood the test of time and brought the American defense industry to technological primacy. Since we know what it takes to sell a real company in the M&A market, we know what it takes to build a real company in the first place. Our focus is simple: building real value for our client partners and ourselves. 





Select clients who benefit from Special Mission Support (SMS) are those looking for structured solutions to complicated problems.  We offer strategic advisory support and program management to assist clients in the achievement of complex objectives. While each special mission support engagement is wholly unique, every SMS client requires a hybrid blend of solutions that typically cannot be well-satisfied by traditional professional service firms since most do not posess in-house cross functional support capabilities.




Clients who commission us on an SMS engagement are typically facing very sensitive situations that intersect aspects of life, family, business, and personal wealth—making them poor candidates for execution within existing corporate resources, among management consultants, or within legal and professional service firms.


Special missions require concrete operational experience across a number of business disciplines due to the extreme sensitivities unique to the circumstances of each situation. We have found that SMS projects are predisposed to requiring the highest integrity and natural judgment, which is why we design, build and run an extremely discrete, outcome-focused team that has been hand selected to execute the plan and achieve the client’s intended result. Our select team advises clients and either structures a playbook for clients to follow or executes the solutions on behalf of the client through creativity and a relentless focus.  The architecture of activities associated with conducting a private market Special Mission and a military Special Operation are almost identical.   


Securities offered exclusively through WaveCrest Securities LLC, a FINRA registered Broker / Dealer, Member SIPC.  

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